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Spirit Animal: the Ant

Hello everyone, 

I hope you all are fine as the fall is finaly coming. Today I decided to talk a little bit about chamanism. Now, this is a tool that I use in my everyday life, and I think that it is a very powerful tool that allows us to keep moving with autonomy in our spiritual path. To start your chamanic spiritual journey you will have to find your Spirit Animal, which will be your guide and ally all along your journey.  You will have to meet your totem animal during a chamanism voyage; then you will have to take the time to get to know him/her, get familiarized with his/her strenghts, abilities and symbols to better know yourself. 

To know your totem animal's strenghts, abilities and powers, you can find multiples websites which will describe in details your animal. My goal is not to copy/paste those websites. In order to add something different to those websites, I thought of asking my totem animal to introduce me to another totem animal who could explain his/her own symbols by himself/herself.

I will  regurlarly write down a spirit animal's message. I won't be able to tell in advance which animal will be the next one, because I will let my own spirit animal guide me, so it will be a surprise for me too. 

During this first travel, I met: the Ant.

I will write in the first person: through the "I", the ant is talking to you, please listen to her! 

" I am small but powerful. My strenght is the community. Alone, I am nothing, I am vulnerable. To find my community and my role in that community is primary. I am a hard worker, perfectionnist and pernickety; I do not need to have a global view of everything. Trusting in my queen and her knowledge allows me to entirely focus on the task that I have been assigned to. 

My strength is the community. My priority is to help it grow and bloom. To protect it is also very important. Alone, I am vulnerable but together we can win against the biggest predators (like the scorpions). I have to protect my family, to sacrifice myself if it can help the community to survive. We can carry charges which are more than 10 times  heavier than us, and we tend to push the limits of what we can carry in order to avoid multiples travels. 

Someone who will have the ants as a totem animal will have to work on how much he/she can carry. To carry heavy burden is fine, but it is important not to be crushed by your burdens. That someone will need to trust his hierarchy to work efficiently. His strength will be his ability to work for someone just and trustworthy. He won't hesitate to fight with everything he has, even against people way stronger that him, but he will need help. His strength is to find trustworthy friends, colleagues who will guide him, a trustworthy chief, and projects which will be dear to him. He won't be afraid to start things from scratch: because he does not always see the bigger picture, he is not discouraged by how long the way can be to achieve his goals.

Our community is a matriarchal one. Our queen is our center. If someone has the queen ant as his spirit animal, he will have to work on his "queen side", his authority, his decisional power. Our queen is the creator of our world as she is the origin of each decision of the group.

If someone has a male ant as a spirit animal, he will have to work on his power of protection and seduction. In our community, males are warriors, protectors of the queen and breeder. He will have to work on his ability to protect the group. 

In chamanism, we are here to clean, we have a big cleaning work to do in your cellular memories. We are showing you that even the most insignificant things are important. Learn how to keep your head down and look at the floor. We are teaching you humility because there is nothing that you can do alone. We are teaching you how to stay connected with others. It is so important to keep an eye on every member of the colony, because only one injured can breach the community's defense.

We are empaths, we can feel the others' pain because we always need to remember that the others' pain is only the mirror of our pain. 

If we are your spirit animal, observe us, look at our magnificent danse around our anthill. We are working with joy and happiness because it is for the community's good, so for our good too. 

We are ONE."


Well, I am hoping you liked our first meeting with a spirit animal, possibly yours!

See you soon for another chamanic meeting.


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amarnath yatra 08/06/2019 06:17

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